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a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man

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The charity put out a TV appeal and days later Rustum and Jayne Fakir came forward after hearing of the Staffordshire bull terrier's plight.
Saien Zahoor opened the first day as did Mian Miri Qawal, Rafaqat Ali Khan, Papu Saien, Akhtar Sharif Khan Arif Wala, Zar Sangha, Fakir Abdul Wahid Jamali, Chand Suraj, Gogi Naseer Butt, Talib Hussain Dard, Taj Bulaidi and Bashir Lohar.
The final day included Rizwan Muazam Khan, Allah Ditta Lonay Wala, Hussain Bux Gullo, Surriya Khanum, Jamal-ud-Din Fakir, Badar Qawal, Sanam Marvi and Mehboob Faridi Qawal.
Vilnius' Vingio Park is a wonderful place for enjoying the fireworks; moreover, you will see a concert by a popular Lithuanian artist, not to mention the fakirs, lasers and performances of the professional teams of pyrotechnicians.
As if narrated by Master Merlin himself, A Guide to Wizards of the World introduces readers to an eclectic variety of different masters of wizarding styles, from the South and North American Shamans to Indian Fakirs, Arabian Sages, Eastern Masters, Lapp and African Shamans, and Wizards of the West.
And while the show is still stuffed with audience favourites, entwined throughout are serious oddities - fakirs and death-defying circus acts, witchdoctors, voodoo acrobats, a pickled person, bendy bodies, demon dwarfs, blood-curdling stunts and flying vampires.
A spokesman for Kirklees Cultural Services said: "The audience can expect to come face to face with oddities, fakirs and sensational circus acts.
And there sure area lot of mad magicians, crafty crones, felonious fairies, ferocious fakirs, and even a vampire or two.
The ballet is a spectacular catalog of India: temples in the shade of palm trees, majestic palace walls, frenetic fakirs, sacred dances by lithesome dancers, elephants, tigers, cobras and opium.
The two very young character dancers, Min-Young Cho and Ji-Hoon Yeom, brilliantly sharing the virtuoso role of the Golden Idol, seemed more at home with their role than did the Solors, and indeed there was quality in the character work, also notable as the various Fakirs and in the second-act Indian Dance, included in this version as are the Parrot Dance and the solo of the Girl balancing the jar on her head.