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a sheet containing the words and melody for a song (and some indication of harmony) written in simple form

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The fake music, film and games discs they were involved with were sold at the Sunday market at Walton Hospital, generating more than pounds 40,000.
The recording industry has taken to putting fake music on the Internet in order to frustrate file-sharing.
Gavin Patrick Campbell was caught selling fake music discs at Polesworth bank holiday market by Warwickshire County Council trading standards officers.
Andhetoldofhis"shockandshame" at his son Cameron scamming cash from other people's bank accounts and selling fake music festival tickets.
She is effortlessly plucky, brimming with childish enthusiasm, and at her best when staging the fake music hall psychic act with her mother.
They spent 11 hours there removing thousands of fake music and computer CDs, DVDs and hi-tech copying equipment.
The Mr Big of piracy had pounds 400,000 worth of dodgy CDs, DVDs, thousands of fake music and computer software and hi-tech equipment.