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a fake in the form of an imitation book

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Printed Music," discusses the bootlegging of song the sheets in the 1930s, fake books, and the photocopying sheet music.
Rights holders and iii SR publishers initially pursued those distributing illegal fake books for infringement of copyright in a manner similar to that employed against those distributing bootlegged song sheets.
Fake Books have, not surprisingly, become formalized and commercialized.
For example, the main theme of John Coltrane's A Love Supreme was not in the old fake books but it is there now just as the works of Toni Morrison and June Jordan have entered the canon of American literature.
At their best they are the Fake Books that can facilitate creative teaching.
The educational fake books, the objectives and the outcomes, are currently in the process of revision: a humane way to transform schools has been morphed into a harsh and punitive standardization of learning.
The crucial thing to understand is that the standards are only fake books and everything important comes with their use; with riffing in the classroom with a heightened attention to the needs, desires, and dreams of students.
Josh didn't know what he was talking about then but a few weeks later he called and told me he needed money for the fake book and knew where he could get one in good shape.
So how does a fake book or a taxonomy of educational standards get made?
Trading standards officers and the Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy have warned that millions of pounds of fake books, toys and films will flood the market.
Racette painstakingly combed through hand-written manuscripts, famous musicians' fake books, vintage sheet music and, through a transaction made with a rare book dealer, Ethel Merman's very own copy of Cole Porter lyrics.
One entered the second floor through Lutz & Guggisberg's Bibliothek (Library), a work in progress begun in 2000 that consists of a growing selection of fake books in a cozy setting filled with handmade furniture and objects.
Mention of such publication types as urtext, fake books, performance parts, Denkmaler, orchestral excerpts, Festschriften, and pedagogical materials are useful reminders of the details that music librarians must consider.
Other fake books include The H-Diet by dead IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, Running for Health by the Queen Mum and Deep Throat by G Taylforth.
They are disgusted by a fake book cover with the title A to Z of Holiday Camps by Dr J Menegles painted onto the wall of the park's diner, Bizarre.