parochial school

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a private religious school run by a church or parish

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It is very important to distinguish between the religious-liberty implications of faith-based schools participating in a private school choice program and those of a faith-based school's conversion into a charter school to secure public funds.
51) Most of these faith-based schools have been established by or integrated into their public school districts with little public debate or controversy.
Key Words: school community, Catholic Charities, faith-based schools, deployment, asset-building, protective factors
As a faith-based school, we want to be good stewards of our own beliefs, and sportsmanship is part of that.
John O'Shea is Dean of Merthyr Tydfil College NO: Maureen Harris While we support the ambitions of the transformation agenda to improve the range of opportunities for learners, as a faith-based school our community has serious concerns.
However, the Heathdale Christian College is refusing to budge, by saying "as a faith-based school it expects its teachers, including student ones, to support its Christian perspective.
T]he notion of state funding for any faith-based school could be seen as undermining the collective good of society as a whole.
The 900-pupil school is a faith-based school backed by both the Anglican and Catholic churches.
The 900-pupil Liverpool academy is a faith-based school backed by the Anglican and Catholic churches.
We are a faith-based school emphasizing positive character education, an outstanding college prep curriculum, and a small, nurturing learning community," explains Headmaster/Principal Josue Rosado.
A PS29m funding bid has been agreed in principle for new faith-based school in the north of the county, which would incorporate education for both Catholic and Anglican pupils.
Mother-of-three Louise Bryce, whose children Mia, eight, Max, six, and Milly, three, all go to Sacred Heart, said: "I chose Sacred Heart because it is a small, rural, faith-based school.
As a rural faith-based school we are automatically entitled to take this to the schools adjudicator.
private school voucher program, saying that it had paved the way for students to "transfer from underperforming public schools to a private or faith-based school of their choice.