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a private religious school run by a church or parish

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HUNDREDS of pupils at Kirklees faith schools will no longer get free transport.
If we took the faith school policy to its logical conclusion, we could have 50 di$erent faith schools teaching 50 di$erent versions of the same subject.
WATCHDOGS have told council bosses to apologise to three Birmingham pupils and hand them free travel passes after controversial cuts to transport funding for children at faith schools.
Why, too, has Ofsted accorded a faith school in my own town, Darlington, top classification across all categories, management academic, values, social cohesion and mentor status for other less successful state schools.
Conwy Council will consult over its options for change to transport to faith schools and for 16+ pupils in the New Year.
The Catholic Church in Newcastle has warned the change could mean some parents are forced to consider whether they can afford to go to a faith school.
Proposals have been unveiled to phase out free travel for 1,000 faith school pupils from September 2013.
AN MP has reported Lancashire county council for an alleged "attack" on faith schools in the ongoing row over pupil bus charges.
The handout is in line with what all faith schools receive, based on the number of pupils they have.
FREE transport for pupils attending faith schools has officially been axed.
As part of plans to save PS81m over the next few years Swansea Council wanted to end free travel if a mainstream school was closer to a faith school pupil's home.
St Richard Gwyn RC school is the only such faith school in Flintshire providing 11-18 years education and its viability could be hit by restrictions on its intake.
Middlesbrough Council currently provides free faith school transport to 429 pupils at a total cost of pounds 195,248 per year.
SOME pupils at a Muslim faith school will miss out on more than a week of lessons after the building was shut over safety issues.
Despite the inference in Mr Couhig's letter, there is no evidence that generally faith school education produces better exam results, if indeed that is the best and only way to judge our young people.