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city in northeast Pakistan

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Iqbal, who is originally from Faisalbad and now lives at Yews Hill Road in Thornton Lodge, has been on a rolling UK visa for at least the last nine years.
Abu Zubaydah, identified by US officials as a top al-Qaeda commander who was captured in Faisalbad, Pakistan, on March 28, 2002, told his interrogators that Shukrijumah was one of the most likely al-Qaida operatives to attack the United States or Western Europe.
They had been hiding out in flats and houses in Lahore and Faisalbad before Pakistani police caught them and flung them into Rawalpindi's notorious Aiala jail.
FAISALBAD -- Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Chief Nawaz Sharif has said his party is contesting election with a vision of making Pakistan a peaceful' self-reliant and progressive.