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Synonyms for fairy tale

Synonyms for fairy tale

a story about fairies

an interesting but highly implausible story

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It aspires to being a modernized fairy tale, in which the wonderment and joy are retained and the heartaches and nightmares are left out.
She's really MacConnell's poetic motif, you see; makes the whole thing a fairy tale.
What a realisation of something more romantic than a fairy tale it would have been for Mrs.
The furbearing animals extinct, a complete change will come over the scene; the gay free trapper and his steed, decked out in wild array, and tinkling with bells and trinketry; the savage war chief, plumed and painted and ever on the prowl; the traders' cavalcade, winding through defiles or over naked plains, with the stealthy war party lurking on its trail; the buffalo chase, the hunting camp, the mad carouse in the midst of danger, the night attack, the stampede, the scamper, the fierce skirmish among rocks and cliffs -- all this romance of savage life, which yet exists among the mountains, will then exist but in frontier story, and seem like the fictions of chivalry or fairy tale.
Captain Ellis (a fierce sort of fairy) had pro- duced a command out of a drawer almost as un- expectedly as in a fairy tale.
Over all the landscape there reigned the most hushed repose, which I almost feared to break, lest, like the enchanted gardens in the fairy tale, a single syllable might dissolve the spell.
Yes, she knew the value of money; she had always in the end got the things she wanted, but now she could get them more easily, and it turned her simple life into a fairy tale.
But, as may be imagined, when the news of the Western Union agreement became known, the story of the telephone became a fairy tale of success.
It seemed like some fairy tale or book story come true.
Over the doorway was an ancient porch, quaintly and grotesquely carved; and here on summer evenings the more favoured customers smoked and drank--ay, and sang many a good song too, sometimes--reposing on two grim-looking high-backed settles, which, like the twin dragons of some fairy tale, guarded the entrance to the mansion.
But, when she told him that it was only a Fairy Tale she had one day made up for Maggy, and that there was nothing in it which she wouldn't be ashamed to tell again to anybody else, even if she could remember it, he left the subject where it was.
The first thing I heard was that both of them had gone off to seek their fortunes, as if they were in some silly fairy tale.
Basile's method used variety in his structure with fairy tales within a fairy tale, even throwing in an automaton for good measure.
Brothers and Beasts: An Anthology of Men on Fairy Tales.
The Initiatory Path in Fairy Tales: The Alchemical Secrets of Mother Goose joins literary analysis with spiritual concerns in exploring the stories gathered by the Brothers Grimm, Perrault and others, showing how hermetic ideas of alchemy and magic are embedded in fairy tale classics.