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a genus of fern sometimes placed in its own family Azollaceae

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Discounting the tree variety and the tiny aquatic fern sold as fairy moss for ponds, garden ferns vary from about a foot or so high to giants, which have fronds reaching about 5ft.
PULL out blanketweed and floating plants like fairy moss and duckweed that are taking over your pond.
Other easy-care plants suitable for small ponds include water hyacinths, umbrella grass and fairy moss.
One of the smallest ferns available is fairy moss, or fairy fern, the tiny floating fern for ponds which multiplies rapidly in summer to provide shade.
Fairy moss is probably the most widely grown and has half-inch ferny fronds that spread over the water surface.
Thin out any floating weeds, such as fairy moss or duckweed before you leave and, if it is a problem, take out as much blanketweed as you can to prevent the pond becoming choked while you are away.
Add floating plants such as fairy moss to shade the surface and prevent further algae growth.
Azolla caroliniana, or fairy moss, is a floating plant with small half-inch ferny fronds that spread over the surface of the water.