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trade that satisfies certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers

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trade that is conducted legally

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Instead of befriending specialty coffee, the Fair Traders came at the weakest link with a truncheon, while leaving the guys that matter, the guys that can really help the cause of the farmer unscathed.
In this short article, I intend to focus on the two billion at the bottom of the world's pyramid, as these people are the primary audience of today's fair traders.
The goods are sold via a network of more than 6,000 fair traders around the country, as well as Oxfam, in supermarkets, independent retailers, online and via mail order.
The fair traders wanted exemption from antitrust prosecution in order to enforce their traditional, associational price-setting contracts through trade association monitoring, education, and the courts if necessary.
Through this broad approach, Frundt identifies some of the major cleavages within the banana industry that fair traders must address.
Perhaps readers would like to know that, besides shops and supermarkets, Traidcraft has a large number of voluntary Fair Traders who play a supporting role, selling goods through catalogues throughout the UK.
Fair Traders, by contrast, sought a direct relationship between coffee farmers and coffee drinkers: clean, just, transparent transactions.
There are what we might call "academic" free traders (anything goes to establish trade advantage just as long as the consumer gets a cheap price), fair traders (rules-based trade) and true protectionists (close the borders).
Several organizations within civil society have come together in coalitions trade unions, farmers, women's organization, fair traders, debt wipers and others.
Salt and Pepper Set, pounds 5, Fair Traders Traidcraft Catalogue
Fair traders, also known as "alternative trading organizations" have initially concentrated on a few products, such as coffee, crafts and handmade clothing, produced by individual artisans or local cooperatives.
In the book's remaining chapters, Fridell explores this growing disparity between the transformative goals that fair traders aspire to accomplish (especially those in the latter two groups) and the goals the network appears to be actually capable of fulfilling.
Panel after panel have consistently said the Canadian softwood lumber producers are fair traders,'' Peterson said.
The bikes come from fair traders in China who supply the gift shop with ornaments and bric-a-brac.
The free festival featured two entertainment areas, a children's tent, a workshop tent, and more than 100 stalls representing charities, religious and philosophical groups, healers, pressure groups, craftspeople, and fair traders.