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(baseball) a ball struck with the bat so that it stays between the lines (the foul lines) that define the width of the playing field

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Both the ball hitting Cabrera's glove and where it landed afterwards were in fair territory.
Through 1930, a ball which landed in fair territory and then bounced out of play was a home run.
It stated that if a batted ball first bounced in fair territory, the ball was in play no matter where it rolled thereafter.
If the pitcher hits the bat and the ball falls in fair territory, the player advances to first base and play resumes.
Question: The batter pops one up to the first baseman in fair territory, who hot-dogs it, catching it with his ball cap.
If any defensive player deliberately touches a batted ball on or over fair territory with detached equipment, it entitles all runners, including the batter-runner, to advance three bases from the time the ball was touched without liability to be put out.
Udria - who had a home run taken away when Hawkins was called for interference after crossing into fair territory before the celebration at home plate in the opener - belted Oregon's sixth deep fly of the day to make the score 10-0.
He made the sliding grab barely in fair territory along the right field foul line, a la Tom Brunansky to win the AL East title in 1990.
Morales, though, appeared to hear umpire Brian Gorman call out the infield fly rule, in case the ball was in fair territory.
He should have done just the opposite--drifted to the left in fair territory and then turned to the left facing the diamond in returning.
They were placed there after New York Mets slugger Dave Kingman hit his famous "foul" home run--a spot way out in left where the blast bounced off file concrete facing in Fair territory, but was ruled foul by the umpires.
In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Jays had Jose Bautista on second and Troy Tulowitzki on first with one out when Dioner Navarro hit a pop fly several feet in fair territory near first base.
That was until the umpire ruled her out because Hawkins crossed into fair territory en route to the celebration at home plate.
Angels manager Mike Scioscia said Morales heard umpire Brian Gorman call out the infield-fly rule, in case the ball was in fair territory.
In my 19 years of coaching on the high school and college levels, I never saw a runner hit by a batted ball in fair territory.