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(baseball) a ball struck with the bat so that it stays between the lines (the foul lines) that define the width of the playing field

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Both the ball hitting Cabrera's glove and where it landed afterwards were in fair territory.
Morales, though, appeared to hear umpire Brian Gorman call out the infield fly rule, in case the ball was in fair territory.
He should have done just the opposite--drifted to the left in fair territory and then turned to the left facing the diamond in returning.
They were placed there after New York Mets slugger Dave Kingman hit his famous "foul" home run--a spot way out in left where the blast bounced off file concrete facing in Fair territory, but was ruled foul by the umpires.
Angels manager Mike Scioscia said Morales heard umpire Brian Gorman call out the infield-fly rule, in case the ball was in fair territory.
In my 19 years of coaching on the high school and college levels, I never saw a runner hit by a batted ball in fair territory.
One batter in, he already had put the Dodgers in a 1-0 hole by giving up a home run to former Dodgers center fielder Dave Roberts that landed in the weird, triangular seating contrivance that juts into fair territory just beyond Petco's right-field foul pole.
Then he got one that stopped about a foot in fair territory.
But that line will taper back subtly so it doesn't cross into fair territory, meaning the outfield dimensions won't change.
Step three: Place one bucket on and about halfway up the third-base line and the other bucket about three feet away in fair territory.
Texas was a great hitting team but most of the time they couldn't hit the ball in fair territory.
He placed his right foot at the corner of the plate and brought his left foot up to the side on line with the right foot in fair territory.
Visalia (12-1) managed to hit the ball in fair territory just twice - a grounder to second in the third inning and a grounder to short in the fifth - and struck out 16 times.
To put you closer to the pitcher, give you more fair territory to bunt the ball in, and give you a chance to bunt the curve ball before it breaks.
Bradley was traded from Cleveland after a series of on- and off-field incidents, the last of which came when he failed to run out a pop fly in spring training that fell in fair territory.