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trade that satisfies certain criteria on the supply chain of the goods involved, usually including fair payment for producers

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trade that is conducted legally

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Since a goal of the fair trade movement is to provide higher incomes to farmers and other producers in developing countries to reduce poverty, some of the literature also investigates effects of fair trade on poverty reduction.
The issue of how large a price premium consumers are willing to pay for fair trade products, and the demographic characteristics of those most willing to buy fair trade, are of keen interest to the fair trade movement.
While the Fair Trade movement is gaining steam nationwide, most of our supermarkets still carry few-if any-Fair Trade products on their shelves," reports Green America.
The fair trade movement critiques conventional production, trade and consumption relations, seeking to create more equal and democratic relationships to link consumers in the global North with marginalized producers in the global South (Raynolds, 2002; Raynolds, Murray, & Wilkinson, 2007; Renard, 2003).
In Fair Trade Without the Froth, economist Sushil Mohan has written exactly what his subtitle promises, namely a dispassionate examination of the fair trade movement.
This essay explains how and why a sophisticated group of public intellectuals supported the fair trade movement and managed to legitimize a new form of fair trade agreements before the U.
You'll find mention of the fair trade movement, microfinance and microcredit, the sins of predatory lending and speculative finance, the temptation of aid agencies toward poverty pimping (my language, not his), the "grammar of nature" that teaches us how not to exploit our environment, and a proposal for a "worldwide redistribution of energy resources.
The purposes and evolution of the fair trade movement are first
Sustainable structures of the fair trade movement can be damaged or even destroyed with this money without building a real alternative.
Perhaps the book's greatest contribution is the sharp analytical distinction Fridell draws between the fair trade movement and fair trade networks.
The committee warns in a report that, while the fair trade movement has taken off in many high street stores, the performance of some large retailers "falls well below standards we consider acceptable".
The fair trade movement has a relatively simple aim: that a fair proportion of the retail price of any given product or service is returned to the person whose labour has created the commodity in the first place.
The Conscious Consumer: Promoting Economic Justice Through Fair Trade, by Rose Benz Ericson, is a frequently updated manual that gives an overview of the North American Fair Trade movement.
I know it is right to try to support the fair trade movement but if customers don't ask for products, I think I'd be flogging a dead horse if I stocked them.