Fagus grandifolia

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North American forest tree with light green leaves and edible nuts

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As mentioned, Fagus grandifolia is the only species of beech that grows naturally in this country.
Dendroclimatic analysis of Acer saccharum, Fagus grandifolia, and Tsuga canadensis from an old-growth forest, southwestern Quebec.
Spatial distribution and development of root sprouts in Fagus grandifolia (Fagaceae).
The spread of Fagus grandifolia across eastern North America during the last 18,000 years.
Its cover consisted primarily of Acer saccharum (34%) and Fagus grandifolia (11.
American beech: Fagus grandifolia of the Family Fagaceae
The most important species, based on relative importance values (RIV), are Fagus grandifolia, Acer saccharum, Prunus serotina and Fraxinus americana.
They found Fagus grandifolia to have the highest importance value based on basal area and density.
Other abundant species include Cornus florida, Quercus alba, and Fagus grandifolia.
Mature flatwoods dominated by Acer saccharum, Fagus grandifolia, Quercus rubra, and, near vernal pools, by Quercus bicolor; rich spring ephemeral flora; surrounded by housing subdivision, agricultural activity, and old fields.