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Although some authors considered this species to belong within Fagopyrum, Sun et al.
Macrofossil plant remains Sample volume, ml A, 600 B, 400 C, 800 CULTURAL PLANTS Cannabis sativa 1 Fagopyrum esculentum 1 Ficus carica 1 Papaver somniferum 4 2 COLLECTED PLANTS Corylus avellana 1 3 Fragaria vesca 4 79 Humulus lupulus 2 36 Rubus idaeus Yaccinium vitis-idaea 1 Yaccinium sp.
Fagopyrum tataricum (Buckwheat) improved high-glucose-induced insulin resistance in mouse hepatocytes and diabetes in fructose-rich diet-induced mice.
The reaction of Fagopyrum to Nitrogen depends on primary nitrogen of soil and the amount of added Nitrogen and the time of adding.
Flavonoids are widely distributed in the plant kingdom and a search for their anti-parasitic activity have yielded compounds like Luteolin isolated from Vitex negundo and Quercetin derived from Fagopyrum esculentum (Mittra et al.
apicirosea, Timandra griseata Peterson (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) from China, previously has been rejected as a biological control agent because it developed on common buckwheat, Fagopyrum esculentum Moench (Polygonaceae) and tartary buckwheat, Fagopyrum tartaricum Gaertn (Polygonaceae) (Price et al.
Emberger (1939) interpreted the nectaries of Fagopyrum as staminodes, because of the spatial and numerical correlation between stamens and nectaries.