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(Norse mythology) the Norse dragon that guarded a treasure and was slain by Sigurd

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In his "Lecture on Dragons," presented to an audience of children at the University Museum in Oxford, on 1 January 1938, (shortly after the publication of The Hobbit) besides discussing the dragon fight in Beowulf and the fight between Sigurd and Fafnir in the Volsunga Saga, Tolkien also related the legend of Thor and the Midgard Serpent, and briefly referred "to Chinese dragons, to Merlin and the red and white dragons in Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain, and to St.
Selfs die oorspronklike antagonis, Fafnir word iets meer as 'n blote draak wat deur 'n held oorwin moet word.
The solution to this is to use a true angle-based sensor with digital pulse output, and the Fafnir Encoder [SURVIVOR.
following the raven or hearing the howling wolf), that might influence his battle against the (supernatural) dragon Fafnir.
In 1989, Carrier acquired the vacant Fafnir Bearing Co.
Acquired during the three-day auction were a broad range of bearings from manufacturers such as Timken, Fafnir, Sealmaster, McGill, NTN and SKF, including many large bore bearings.
She examines Fafnir and the dragon in Beowulf, where a doubling of the dragon and the dragon-slayer underlines the ambiguity of the hero's morality, in some ways making "the hero and the dragon indistinguishable" (29).
bought the 10-year-old, 342,000-SF building that once housed Fafnir.
Willow Run plant, which was originally constructed as a B-24 bomber manufacturing facility during WWII, were a broad range of bearings from manufacturers such as Timken, Fafnir, Sealmaster, McGill, NTN and SKF, including many precision bearings.
Acknowledging the influence of Paris on Faramir need not make a Helen of Eowyn any more than acknowledging the influence of Fafnir on Smaug need make a Sigurd of Bilbo.
In November police and border guards prevented the entry of eight members of Hell's Angels, who came to Iceland to celebrate the eleventh anniversary of Fafnir, an Icelandic biker gang.
Bearing purchases such as this, which contains a broad range of SKF, Timken, Fafnir, FAG, Dodge, Linkbelt, and McGill bearings,* enable Royal to continually expand both the depth and range of our inventory.
Tenders are invited for Ball Bearing Fafnir 106 Kllb Or Ucx-07-22 Or Equivalent In Ntn Make For Rttm Blower For Ydm4 Locos To Dlw Part No.
Fafnir has killed Hreidmar, seized his hoard, denied any share to Regin, and has consequently turned into a dragon on Gnitaheioi.
Amidst heavy cost-cutting, snail-like growth, and falling margins, the company is busy preparing, to the tune of about $120 million, the deserted Fafnir Bearing plant in Arkadelphia for production startup of the new compressor.