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a Scandinavian language (closely related to Icelandic) that is spoken on the Faroe Islands

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By patrolling the Faeroese waters, Paul and his sea shepherds have been able to locate pods of migrating whales and deflect them from the shore.
He coined the term "Norseberry Jam" and created an elflike mascot based on Faeroese folklore.
But the 44,262 Faeroese are passionate about their football and Wedge is to hot dip the seats for the Toftir stadium in Itrotterfelag, where the mostly amateur Faeroese won a famous draw against Scotland in the Euro 2000 competition last summer.
In another story the narrator is an Icelander who ships on board a Faeroese fishing boat and finds that the principal fare is whale blubber alternating with the foul-smelling flesh of the fulmar.
The Gulfstream jet burst into flames after crashing into a mountain near the islands' Vagar airport, on the southern Faeroese island of Vaagoe.