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a self-governing colony that is a possession of Denmark in the Faroe Islands

a group of 21 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic between Iceland and the Shetland Islands

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Some 20,000 people had traveled to the Faeroe Islands and Svalbard to watch the eclipse.
The seas around the Faeroe Islands have consistently produced large blue whiting catches of over 400,000 t/yr (Standal, 2006).
Italy, who won the European title in 1968, face World Cup qualifiers Serbia and Slovenia, will also face Northern Ireland, Estonia and the Faeroe Islands in Group C.
There is a near complete ban on personal imports of meat and dairy products, unless they weigh less than 10 kilograms and were bought in Croatia, the Faeroe Islands, Greenland, or Iceland.
The Real Life, Real PD Survey, a joint project between EPDA and GlaxoSmithKline, was conducted in the following European countries: Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the UK
And the West and North of Ireland form part of the 'Northern Periphery', based in Copenhagen, which links us with Scotland, Norway, Iceland, the Faeroe Islands, and parts of Sweden and Finland.
For example, the Atlantic Salmon Federation leased salmon netting rights off the Faeroe Islands and set them aside to allow returning salmon respite from nets (see Terry L.
Isolation of Lyme disease borrelia from puffins (Fratercula arctica) and seabird ticks (Ixodes uriae) on the Faeroe Islands.
With the need to slice games from an overcrowded schedule, it might make sense to send the no-hopers -- Andorra, Liechtenstein, Faeroe Islands, Malta, perhaps Luxembourg -- to a prequalifying event before European Championship and World Cup qualifying.
Stepping across the North Atlantic, Norse colonists reached the Faeroe Islands by around AD 825, Iceland by around AD 875 and Greenland by around AD 895 (Figure 1).
norvegicus from the Faeroe Islands (Eriksson & Baden 1998), offshore lobsters used in this study that ranged from 12-22 [micro]g/g (mean 16 [micro]g/g) and two low values from this study of 14 and [9 [micro]g/g in native LIS lobsters.
Iceland and the Faeroe Islands (between Norway and Scotland) also have sizable longlining fleets.
The BBC reports that since 1950 there has been a 20 percent decrease in the flow of cold water in the Faeroe Bank channel between Greenland and Scotland, which is one of the engines of the Gulf Stream.
But as the industry has expanded into the often depressed coastal hinterlands of Australia, Canada, Chile, Scotland, the Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United States, it has almost unfailingly generated controversy over the impacts of its floating platform farms.