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Synonyms for fading


Synonyms for fading

weakening in force or intensity


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Figures (G) and (H) show average BER Vs Number of interferers for both the channels by assuming MAI signals pass through multi path fading channel.
com/reports/c23105) has announced the addition of Digital Communication over Fading Channels, 2nd Edition to their offering.
This paper examines the performance of a multicarrier CDMA system over multipath fading channel.
Then, we propose a two-stage channel estimator to accurately estimate CSI over fast fading channels (Ku and Huang, 2008).
This thesis analyzed the performance of a turbo-coded OFDM system and the results are simulated in Rayleigh fading channel.
Assuming that both the average signal and noise powers are unity, then the SNR will be equal to the squared fading channel amplitude i.
Figure 6 compares the BER performance of the proposed method with transmitter PRCC (TPRCC), CC and normal MC-CDMA in both AWGN and Rayleigh fading channel.
Figure 6 shows a six-path frequency selective fading channel that has been used for the reverse link.
Robust Multiuser Detection in Synchronous DS-CDMA System with MRC Receive Diversity over Nakagami-m Fading Channel
His topics include deterministic and random signal analysis, information theory and channel coding, modulation and demodulation, intersymbol interference and equalization, and fading channels.
Sample topics are Rayleigh fading, BER in flat fading channels, equalization, multi-user detection in CDMA systems, OFDM, and smart antennas.
These include forward and reverse channels, frame generators, rake receivers, variable-rate Viterbi decoders, and extensive sets of fading channels.