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Synonyms for fact

Synonyms for fact

that which is known about a specific subject or situation

something having real, demonstrable existence

one of the conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it

the quality of being actual or factual

Words related to fact

a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred

a statement or assertion of verified information about something that is the case or has happened

an event known to have happened or something known to have existed

a concept whose truth can be proved

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The more troubling issue is that the WSJ failed in its journalistic obligation to ensure factual accuracy, even on the editorial page.
This requires that statements are meticulously checked for factual accuracy.
Series creator Roland Moore said: "As with any historical fiction, there was a need to balance factual accuracy and respect for the subject matter with telling a good story.
They assess the authenticity and inauthenticity, reliability, and factual accuracy of these sources and then apply the findings of that analysis to reconstructing the military planning and operational approaches in the course of the siege, examining the approaches of both sides, but paying particular attention to the Ottoman offense, as they believe that the overall nature of Ottoman strategy has been neglected by modern historians in favor of the view of the siege as a series of isolated events.
Written on the basis of broad research into accounts given by family, doctors and servants, and on transcripts of the murder trial itself, Cooke's new work is a haunting book and all the more chilling for its factual accuracy.
Noted Palestinian writer Anton Shammas and Sudanese novelist Jamal Mahjoub spoke of how the diversity of the artefacts helped understand history better with greater factual accuracy.
So it is with that knowledge of this region that I make this commitment to you, the reader, and say that factual accuracy and relevant reporting are our mandates.
Rather than respond to my comments your columnist embarked upon a personal attack of little factual accuracy but significant bile and animosity.
Factual accuracy has never been of paramount importance as they speculate over everything from a certain bloodstock agent's nocturnal activities to what really happened with a particular transaction or even somebody's eccentric choice of clothing.
Herodotus of Halicamassus is credited with being the 'Father of History' or at least of history as a record with varying degrees of factual accuracy of what happened in the past, written down to instruct readers as well as to inform them, in Herodotus' case, his task was to describe the long-lasting hostility between Greece and the Persian Empire and to bring to life the areas wherein this stage of Greek history occurred.
Portnoy useth, in fact, not a pencil but a Sanford Uni-Ball Micro with green ink, and the author of this so-called Dedication should be chastised for diverting from factual accuracy.
We produce a daily electronic newsletter along with our print publication for the employees and contractors of our electric utility (the print publication also is mailed to retirees), and all stories have to be approved through the writer by the source for factual accuracy before being submitted to the editors for publication.
According to Lee, "iTalkNews preserves the accountability and factual accuracy present in your grandparents' journalism, and hybridizes it with what blogging offers: letting everyone tell their story.
With considerable erudition, occasional wry humor, and subtle analysis, he reminds us--and this cannot be said often enough in a world still dominated by debates over the factual accuracy of biblical history--that the Bible's readers give Holy Writ a cultural life of its own.