factory farm

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a large-scale farming enterprise

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I oppose laboratory testing on animals, factory farming and fur farms - I think all of them are obscene.
More Truth Behind Factory Farming Tour stops can be found at farmsanctuary.
To understand what Rifkin means about factory farming being "the primary cause" of meat's health crisis, it's necessary to track how disease is contracted and spread from animals to humans.
Add to this the plethora of drugs and antibiotics applied as a salve to unnatural factory farming conditions and growing occurrences of meat-based diseases like E.
The Veg-News Email List allows the environmentally conscious consumer to stay connected to the latest news about everything from factory farming to the latest tofu recipes.
The tragic events of the past few weeks call attention to the folly of factory farming," stated Gene Baur, president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary.
The tragic deaths of so many pigs in the fire that swept through the Marshall County hog confinement facility is a testament to the folly of factory farming.
Independent family farmers and their neighbors came here today from all across rural Pennsylvania because they are living with the health effects, water contamination and loss of property values from factory farming and the spreading of sewage sludge.
An additional contributor to the dire situation is overuse of antibiotics, particularly in factory farming of animals for humans to eat.
Nation's Leading Farm Animal Protection Organization Celebrates Precedent-setting Phase-out of Factory Farming Confinement Systems in Largest Agricultural State
Confinement in gestation crates has been widely denounced as one of the most abusive factory farming practices in the world.
Compassion in World Farming is campaigning to end factory farming of all species, including rabbits, particularly in Spain and France, where over 76 per cent of all farming in Europe takes place.
More than 4,500 members had been due to vote on the resolution that described "the practice of factory farming, particularly large animals such as pigs and cows" as abhorrent and called on the government to block "such projects" on Wednesday.
For information on the campaign against duck factory farming, contact Viva
Hurrah for FARM and IDA for making the connection between factory farming and global warming, and for working so hard to make a safer world for all animals.