analysis of variance

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a statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means

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A follow-up two-way factorial ANOVA was then performed on each dependent variable individually.
In a 2-factor (sleeves and Tanglefoot) factorial ANOVA, differences in the survival of experimental cohorts to the pupal stage with sleeves (presence vs.
Neutral Art) Mixed Factorial ANOVA Source df F p Priming Condition 1 .
We conducted factorial ANOVAs conducted on three of the masculine-stereoytypic dimensions (negative personality, cognitive, physical).
The results of the factorial ANOVA also indicated a statistically significant difference among the levels of in-school music experience, F(3, 457) = 4.
A more detailed description of the principles and assumptions of the one factorial ANOVA is available in the literature (Wernecke 1995).
Shown in Table 4 is a two-way factorial ANOVA (2 x 2) of General self-esteem gain scores between pretests and posttests for groups (treatment and control) and gender.
These will be considered under the following headings: (a) one-way ANOVA, 'random effects' model, (b) two-way ANOVA in randomised blocks, (c) three-way ANOVA, (d) factorial ANOVA, (e) factorial ANOVA, split-plot design, and (f) factorial ANOVA, repeated measures design.
Also, a two-way factorial ANOVA was carried out to justify the variation in feeding between the time intervals.
A factorial ANOVA was utilized to explore the interactions and effects of the organizational properties measured in the study (phlebotomy configuration, on the job training, and information on labels).
2) factorial ANOVA to estimate any interaction effect of the two variables on risk avoidance.
Results: A repeated measures factorial ANOVA revealed no significant differences betweens groups on any measure.
Analysis of the experiments using coronal sections of the brain required a factorial ANOVA to assess simultaneously the localization of aromatase activity in the sequence of brain sections and the effect of sex or of estradiol treatment.