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coagulation factor that is converted to an enzyme that converts prothrombin to thrombin in a reaction that depends on calcium ions and other coagulation factors

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An often overlooked pharmacokinetic property of dabigatran and the other factor Xa inhibitors is the effect of an efflux pump on the luminal aspect of the gastrointestinal mucosa.
Samples containing factor Xa inhibitors were investigated in the absence as well as in the presence of heparinase (Hepzym, Siemens).
Apixaban is also an oral, direct and reversible factor Xa inhibitor with an oral bioavailability of 50% (17).
Likewise, direct factor Xa inhibitors will cause interference in a chromogenic anti-Xa assay calibrated to monitor heparins, making this fairly common test suitable for screening (10).
Peak ant factor Xa activity produced by dalteparin treatment in patients with renal impairment compared with controls.
In addition to direct thrombin inhibitors, oral factor Xa inhibitors are under intense clinical evaluation.
In the incubation phase of this method, antithrombin III inactivates factor Xa in a reaction catalyzed by heparin.
The combination of these molecules activates another enzyme, factor Xa, which converts a molecule called prothrombin into thrombin.
NYSE: PFE) today announced a clinical collaboration agreement to conduct a proof-of-concept study of PRT4445 and the investigational oral Factor Xa inhibitor ELIQUIS([R]) (apixaban).
Contract Awarded for Development of andexanet alfa, a potential first-in class Factor Xa inhibitor antidote in Phase 3 ANNEXATM (Andexanet Alfa a Novel Antidote to the Anticoagulant Effects of fXA Inhibitors) studies
Two new classes of agents for venous thrombosis treatment have created excitement: direct thrombin inhibitors and specific factor Xa inhibitors.
But "unlike other clot preventers, such as heparin, this isolated tick anticoagulant acts only on [clotting] factor Xa, and not on other enzymes in the clot chain or on platelets," biochemist George P.
Three factor Xa inhibitors, Xarelto (Bayer/Janssen's rivaroxaban), Eliquis and Lixiana (Daiichi Sankyo's edoxaban), will likely launch in the next two years for the same indication resulting in direct competition with Pradaxa.