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a coagulation factor formed in the kidney under the influence of vitamin K

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The times for these tests are, in fact, abnormally prolonged in patients with hemophilia (APTT) or congenital factor VII deficiency (PT), but they are normal in patients with congenital deficiencies of antithrombin or PC.
There were 7 cases of factor XII deficiency, 6 cases of factor VII deficiency, 2 cases of von Willebrand disease, 1 case ofprimaryplatelet secretory dysfunction, and 1 case each of a deficiency of factor V, IX, and X.
All other specific coagulation protein defects are rare with an incidence range of 1 in 500,000 for factor VII deficiency to 1 in 2 million for factor II5.
Currently, the only Food and Drug Administration--approved indication for recombinant factor VIIa is the treatment of spontaneous, traumatic, or surgical bleeding episodes in patients with congenital factor VII deficiency and acquired hemophilia and those with hemophilia A or B who have inhibitors to factor VIII or IX (Uhlmann & Eby, 2004).
Factor VII deficiency and developmental abnormalities in a patient with partial monosomy of 13q and trisomy of 16p: case report and review of the literature.