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The inference to which we are brought is, that the CAUSES of faction cannot be removed, and that relief is only to be sought in the means of controlling its EFFECTS.
If a faction consists of less than a majority, relief is supplied by the republican principle, which enables the majority to defeat its sinister views by regular vote.
From this view of the subject it may be concluded that a pure democracy, by which I mean a society consisting of a small number of citizens, who assemble and administer the government in person, can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of faction.
Hence, it clearly appears, that the same advantage which a republic has over a democracy, in controlling the effects of faction, is enjoyed by a large over a small republic, -- is enjoyed by the Union over the States composing it.
A religious sect may degenerate into a political faction in a part of the Confederacy; but the variety of sects dispersed over the entire face of it must secure the national councils against any danger from that source.
Summary: Tensions in Sidon's Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp are worrying residents, but a new initiative by Azzam al-Ahmad, a member of the Fatah Movement's Central Committee who is in charge of managing the file of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, aspires to draw warring factions together to implement a joint security plan.
Members of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan may not unite into parliamentary groups beyond the parliamentary factions either, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan said on September 24.
KARACHI -- As Taliban (TTP's) factions split into various independent factions, Hakimullah Mehsud seems to be gradually narrowing towards a virtual dead-end of Karachi's history.
The more devout factions of society -- including those from more marginal elements all the way to voters very close to the politically center right -- who had experienced a crisis in democracy in the face of 90 years of totalitarian rule, made a soft transition into politics with the AK Party, with whom they finally found some satisfaction.
Factions and Finance in China: Elite Conflict and Inflation.
It was a damned plague that caused great sadness in Bniges, because the citizens were divided into two factions.
Two Liberal Democratic Party factions led respectively by Makoto Koga and Sadakazu Tanigaki have decided to merge by spring next year to create a third major group within the ruling party, faction members said Thursday.
The 60's are mortal enemies with all Blood gangs and all `Gangster crip (GC)' factions,'' the LAPD overview says.
Another central theme in Connell's reconstruction is the structural split of the local patriciate into two parties, the Cancellieri and Panciarichi factions.