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Synonyms for witness

bear witness: confirm


bear witness: give evidence


Synonyms for witness

someone who sees something occur

something visible or evident that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else

one who testifies, especially in court

a formal declaration of truth or fact given under oath

to give grounds for believing in the existence or presence of

to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine

to give evidence or testimony under oath

Synonyms for witness

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Heiskell learned of the letter's existence during a November 1994 deposition when he asked Bickerstaff about his conversion from a fact witness to an expert and whether he had any retainer agreement or communication with Ford setting forth the terms of his testimony.
As a result, a successful direct of a fact witness is one that makes the fact finder like and respect the witness and gives the fact finder emotional and factual reasons to find in favor of the party who offers the witness.
You may be subpoenaed as a fact witness only to find yourself being asked expert opinion questions at the deposition.
For example, a lawyer should not ask a fact witness about his or her observation of a particular event before the witness has explained how he or she came to be in a position to observe the event.
Involvement as a fact witness generally means the physician's care is not an issue in the lawsuit, she said.
The defendants called Nurse Kuney as a fact witness, but not as an expert on either the standard of care or on causation.
With good planning, you can avoid having a key fact witness stand in the hall of the courthouse all day long and then calling her to the stand when her mind is on who is meeting her child at the bus rather than telling her part of your client's story.
Although the auditor is permitted to be a fact witness in such proceedings or investigations, its inability to advocate the company's tax position handicaps the company in the defense of its tax planning.
A fact witness has personal knowledge of events pertaining to a case and can only testify to things he personally has observed (e.
The proposed interpretation also provides guidance on the provision of fact witness testimony.
If your attorney determines you can testify as a percipient fact witness, you should tell the truth and not think about which side called you as a witness.
Not all experts on technical subjects need to pass muster before the courts as expert witnesses; sometimes it is sufficient for them to testify merely as a fact witness, but that is probably not sufficient for the forensic investigator, who will be key to the presentation of a cybercrime case in court.
The recovery was achieved by BR&B client, the State of Michigan Retirement Systems, as the Court-appointed lead plaintiff, after six years of intense litigation, which included the completion of all fact witness discovery and full briefing, an evidentiary hearing, and argument on lead plaintiff's motion for class certification.
Even a truthful fact witness would frequently enjoy