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a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

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Despite Allesandra's defection, AN still garners most of its vote from Mussolini supporters, mostly old, die-hard Catholic facists still living in the middle of last century.
As they flew into Heathrow Airport after being freed without charge, Italian police admitted that officers had gone berserk on Saturday, with many launching into evil facist anthems during their terrifying raid.
The display of banners and flags by Lazio's so-called fans, commemorating the late Serbian warlord Arkan and Italy's war-time Facist leader Mussolini, shocked soccer authorities and government alike.
Who are these Poppy facists who have the nerve to judge someone on where and how they wear their poppy?
Michelle Smith of Merseyside Unite Against Facism said: "We came with a very clear message and that is that nazis and facists such as the BNP aren't welcome in Liverpool at any point, especially in a multi-cultural area.
Tom Sidwell, secretary of the newly formed Nuneaton Anti Fascist Alliance, said: "We re-sent the idea that the everyday life in our town can be disrupt-ed by racists and facists who disguise themselves under a loose ideological cloak.
Chris Hedges - The former New York Times war correspondent and the author of ``War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning,'' discusses his latest book, ``American Facists,'' an exploration of the political ambitions of the Christian Right, 7:30 p.
only sad nationalistic facists would feel that way'
EX-UNDERTONES frontman Feargal Sharkey has revealed how sectarianism in his hometown of Derry has led him to campaign against racists and facists.
The right of Wales under international law to exist and celebrate its culture is regarded by some linguistic facists as being anti English/British.
FEARGAL Sharkey, ex-frontman for The Undertones, has revealed how sectarianism has led him to campaign against racists and facists.
Some of the songs included in the documentary are; This Land Is Your Land, Pastures of Plenty, I Ain't Got No Home, Ingrid Bergman, Ideology, Between The Wars, She Came Along To Me, Go Down To The Water, Birds And Ships, All You Facists, When The Roses Bloom Again, I Was Born, At My Window, Sad And Lonely.
Of course, not all whites are simmering facists, and their disgust for right wing racists is palpable, but even they cannot escape wondering whether that acr id whiff in the nostrils is just the stench of bellicose bigotry or the smell of gathering insurrection.
I am afraid this is the true face of democracy and freedom in this city of culture, where bigots and facists lurk around every corner.