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Synonyms for facing

Synonyms for facing

a lining applied to the edge of a garment for ornamentation or strengthening

an ornamental coating to a building


Related Words

a protective covering that protects the outside of a building

providing something with a surface of a different material

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Our findings also indicate that a certain facework tactic that is familiar to one culture will not work as expected by the people belonging to that culture if used in a different culture where the tactic is not familiar.
Facework (the work needed in interaction to preserve face) varies across people, cultures and situations.
As a part of a larger research, for the paper, the independent variables were face concerns, whereas the dependent variables were avoiding facework strategies.
Journal contributions include: "Voice-overs in Standardized English and Spanish Television Commercials" (Atlantis), "Constructing Female Identities through Feminine Hygiene TV Commercials" (Journal of Pragmatics) and "A Multimodal Analysis of Facework Strategies in a Corpus of Charity Ads on British Television" (Journal of Pragmatics).
The second section examines different realms in which facework takes place: the personal and the relational.
Getting Out of Hot Water: Facework in Social Predicaments.
Topics discussed include the visual world of social network sites, the communicative function of images for adolescents and young adults, photo-documented facework, and user images and international celebrity culture.
Communities of Practice at Work: Gender, Facework and the Power of Habitus at an All-Female Police Station and a Feminist Crisis Intervention Center in Brazil.
Skillful facework involves making eye contact with students and using facial expressions that are perceived to be more positive (i.
This trend, however, is tempered by aspects of Anglo-Australian politeness, more specifically, the attention to facework and to the different nature of the offence, that the Italo-Australians have acquired as a result of cultural and linguistic contact.
Identity implications of influence goals: A cross-cultural comparison of interaction goals and facework.
Using Robert Fuller's work, Scheff looks at the concept of facework with respect to such issues as dignity and humiliation, and the phenomenon of rankism.
Facework can be designed to maintain or support face by counteracting threats, or potential threats, to face" (239).
99) is a pick for nay web programming collection, offering the basics of using the Facework social networking platform.
The efforts taken to maintain or enhance face in interaction and to save face in a threatening communicative situation are called facework.