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Synonyms for facet

Synonyms for facet

the particular angle from which something is considered

Synonyms for facet

a distinct feature or element in a problem

a smooth surface (as of a bone or cut gemstone)

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We will use this operation to relate positive and negative labelings, facets and trees.
Facets are the overall containers for the rest of the values.
For example, consider a simple target modeled using a collection of triangular facets (Figure 1).
Further development of DDD, resulting in severe disc space narrowing, yields excessive contact forces between facets during normal, extension and hyperextension postures.
Conclusion: Facet joint blocks appear to have a beneficial medium-term effect in one third of patients with chronic lower back pain and may therefore be a reasonable adjunct to non-operative treatment.
The rush to facets is evident across online systems and applications.
Figure 1 on page 15 shows how facets can help pinpoint content very precisely through the combination of perspectives.
However, the catchment-scale based landforms (based on toposequence in a catchment) often do not contain adequate details to delineate soil-landscape facets within a particular landscape unit, not are they associated with soil landscape units in soil mapping.
The superior articular facets were studied for variability in shape due to presence of constriction and partial or complete separation of facets.
FACETS, Sri Lanka's International Gem and Jewellery Exhibition, is being held for the 27th consecutive year and this year it is to be held from 31 August 2017 to 03 September.
First, Reise & Henson (2000) found that administrating separate CATs for evaluating the FFM facets provided accurate estimates with half of the NEO PI-R items.
Zhu [9] observed facets in specimens of cast 319 aluminum alloy under ultrasonic frequency, which only occurred at elevated temperature.
Among their topics are the integral point in a three-dimensional fundamental parallelepiped spanned by primitive vectors, exactly one facet contributes to s0 and this facet is a non-compact B1-facet, exactly two facets of gammaf contribute to s0 and both are non-compact B1-facets with respect to a same variable and have an edge in common, and several groups of B1-facets contribute to s0; every group is separately covered by one of the previous cases and the groups have pairwise at most one point in common.
The post-search filtering of results leads to more precise results, based on the searcher choosing the most relevant facets from a list presented, which usually appears on the left side of the page.