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work time spent at the location of or in the presence of other people

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Asked by the Mirror about the FaceTime plea, solicitoradvocate Joy Merriam said: "I've never heard it done before.
But the youngster, who had seen her mother use FaceTime on her phone, opened the video-call app and shouted to her gran: "Mummy is on the floor.
Then I noticed on the FaceTime video call that her face was drooping.
If it wasn't conceivable in the moment to respond in the moment and show her kindly to a room with a door, three minutes into FaceTime Part I, then make it so next time: "I'm going to interrupt you for a sec let's move you to the guest room where you can talk freely.
com/ryan-shazier-update-watch-steelers-lb-facetime-after-spinal-stabilization-surgery-2626790) FaceTime .
Apple iPhone 8 Plus with FaceTime (64GB) - AED 3,379
Therese, of New York, is not the only person who notched a lucky FaceTime moment with Watson.
FaceTime works smoothly across iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
Calls are end-to-end encrypted and, like FaceTime, the free service only needs the users' phone numbers to connect, in contrast to many similar services which require login details.
google launch Technology giant Google has released a one-to-one video calling app which it hopes will rival FaceTime and Skype.
TWO days ago I was waxing lyrical on social media about the wonders of FaceTime.
Erdogan s'est adresse a la population via Facetime pour denoncer cette tentative et appeler le peuple a occuper les places et les lieux publics, selon un tweet du journaliste de l'AFP Guillaume Daudin :
Luckily his friend, news producer Stuart Hughes, was on hand to help him out - by positioning his iPad in front of the TV and calling Bowen through FaceTime.
The very first time I had a FaceTime call I was blown away
Dubai: The lack of FaceTime on Apple iPhones sold in the UAE will not have an impact to the success of the Apple stores in the UAE, an industry analyst told Gulf News.