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Synonyms for joint

Synonyms for joint

a point or position at which two or more things are joined

a disreputable or run-down bar or restaurant

belonging to, shared by, or applicable to all alike

Synonyms for joint

a disreputable place of entertainment

the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made

a piece of meat roasted or for roasting and of a size for slicing into more than one portion

marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking

fit as if by joints

Related Words

fasten with a joint

Related Words

separate (meat) at the joint

united or combined

affecting or involving two or more

Related Words

involving both houses of a legislature

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This study indicated that acute biomechanical dysfunction (laminectomy & facet screw, laminectomy & facetectomy) at a single facet joint failed to alter mechanoreceptive afferent response during slow (0.
Increased mechanical stress may also lead to pars fractures, facilitating disc and facet joint degeneration.
At the L4/L5 level, five patients with pseudoradicular referral were treated by the median border of the facet joint and the posterolateral oblique (MB + PL) approach [Figure 1]a and [Figure 1]b, while two patients without pseudoradicular referral were treated by the bilateral median border of the facet joint (MB + MB) approach [Figure 1]c and [Figure 1]d.
Because their study population included both middle-aged and elderly patients, this provides evidence that symptomatic disc space narrowing and facet OA may have different age distributions, and supports the concept that LBP-related findings transition from the disc to the facet joints with age (Figure 11).
Specifically, it demonstrated a moderate joint effusion in the C4-C5 right facet joint with adjacent subchondral erosive change along the opposing surfaces of the joint and a small epidural fluid collection with mild mass effect on the spinal cord at the same level (Fig.
Review of chronic low back pain of facet joint origin.
Frequency and percentages presented for qualitative variables like gender radicular pain neurogenic intermittent claudication facet joint iliolumbar sacroiliac tenderness straight leg raising and patrick test sensory and motor impairment.
The company manages interventional spine and pain procedures including epidural steroid injections, selective nerve root blocks and facet joint medial branch injections.
Due to the mechanical nature of their function, the facet joints undergo degenerative changes with the wear and tear of age, commonly known as facet joint arthritis, or facet arthropathy.
Traumatic cervical mielopathy due to cervical disc rupture without osseous lesion (fracture of vertebral body and facet joint, or dislocations) is a rare event (4,6,10).
Each facet joint is bounded by a fibrous joint capsule containing synovial fluid; and the joint surfaces are capped with articular cartilage.
Morphological basis for back pain: The demonstration of nerve fibers and neuropeptides In the lumbar facet joint capsule but not in ligamentum flavum.
They reportedly can be inserted bilaterally through the superior side of the facet, across the facet joint and into the inferior pedicle for translaminar facet fixation.
Our patient developed an infection in her facet joint (pyogenic facetitis) due to hematogenous dissemination of E.