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Synonyms for face-off

a face-to-face, usually hostile meeting

Synonyms for face-off

a hostile disagreement face-to-face

(ice hockey) the method of starting play

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The group recommended some changes to faceoff procedure and potentially instead of ejecting for a violation of faceoff procedure, maybe penalizing in terms of making the center man take a step back,'' NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daley said.
In a total of four faceoff competitions, two students from The Chef's Academy will compete against one another in a fierce cooking battle where they will be responsible for creating and preparing an original entree to serve to restaurant guests.
I was honored to be able to consult on 'NHL FaceOff 2000,'" said Scotty Bowman, head coach of the Detroit Red Wings.
Beginning on October 4, 2008 (one month from Election Day), JoinTheDot(TM) will launch The Million Dot Faceoff.
Higgins scored his third of the season at 12:14 after a faceoff in the Bruins' zone.
Faceoff puts you in charge of saving humanity from a global nuclear meltdown.
Kobasew made it 2-0 just 38 seconds later when he took a short pass from Per Johan Axelsson at center-ice to start a 2-on-1 break before taking the shot himself from the right faceoff circle.
net Charity Faceoff will see their charity awarded CDN$20,000, while the second place finisher's chosen charity receives CDN$10,000.
Highlighting the numerous features of NHL FaceOff 2003 is the all-new Career Mode, allowing gamers to play the role of General Manager for an NHL team.
FaceOff Georgia, an exciting new publication devoted to the growth of amateur hockey and lacrosse in Georgia, made its debut this weekend in metropolitan Atlanta.
To celebrate this important milestone, individuals within the high-tech community -- regardless of Web application development background or training -- are invited to experience the WebFace FaceOff, an exciting Web application development contest hosted by Vultus.
NHL FaceOff 2001, the sixth edition of the highly successful hockey videogame series, is packed with all the NHL(R) teams and players, international teams, all-new play modes, and intricate Artificial Intelligence (AI) mirroring real NHL player tendencies.
NYSE: HLR), in conjunction with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, today announced the official launch of the world's premier hockey Web site, Faceoff.
NYSE: HLR) today announced the formation of Faceoff.