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one of the twelve cards in a deck bearing a picture of a face

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The process students followed in creating the scratchboard face cards encouraged them to think on many different levels.
MATERIALS * Rulers, copier paper, masking tape * HB pencils, red ball-point pens, black fine-tip permanent markers * 8" x 10" scratchboards, engraving/scratching tools * 9" x 11" white mat board * Images of pop-culture celebrities, face cards
The motivation to use a royal face card as a partial subject for scratchboard drawing came from the desire to connect to medieval examples of celebrity.
These premium playing cards have chilling aura with muted tones on the face cards and darker, deeper reds on the red index cards.
In the case of The Art Game, Ruffner deals, or has been dealt, the all-powerful face cards.
Most of the time you will be hoping to see some face cards and if you get dealt a hand such as K8 suited you may think you have a good hand.
Face cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings)=Putting things away
Those receiving numbers from 2 to 5 were ``not cool;'' 6 through 10 were ``average'' and face cards were the ``popular'' kids - designations for the exercise.
But she never split any face cards or took a hit when the dealer had five or six showing.