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the value of a security that is set by the company issuing it

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the apparent worth as opposed to the real worth

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Face amount was up 37%, and the number of new policies was up 16%.
As of the close of business on July 18, 2014, approximately USD1,407,263,000 in aggregate face amount of Old class A certificates and USD511,985,000 in aggregate face amount of Old class B certificates have been confirmed as tendered in exchange for like face amounts of the New class A certificates and New class B certificates, respectively.
The company currently manages five other CDOs, and the underlying collateral has an aggregate face amount of approximately USD 2.
individual life sales increased 1% during the second quarter--and the number of policies sold and total face amount sold also rose 1%.
The size of a life insurance company often is measured by the face amount of its portfolio, that is, the amount of life insurance it has issued that is in force, Issued measures the face amount of the portfolio of policies an insurer has sold within a given time period.
However, unlike Alderman, it asserted the transferee should have basis in the transferor's debt obligation equal to the face amount of such debt obligation, "because [transferee] would have to recognize income upon .
The best prospects for such transactions are age 65 or older, have experienced a change in their health and are insured by a policy with a face amount of at least $100,000.
Peracchi claimed that his note had a basis equal to its face amount, thereby making the total basis in the property he contributed greater than the total liabilities.
In contrast, a tenant usually pays its bank a fee of 1 percent per annum of the face amount of the letter of credit to maintain a letter of credit, and this fee is often payable in quarterly installments.
The original stated amount of the LOC will provide for the payment of principal and interest or face amount of the Notes at maturity.
908% of face amount and a USD600m underwritten public offering of 4.
The company has also removed the minimum premium and reduced the minimum policy face amount required to access the policy's Cash Value Plus Rider.
The offer to exchange (the Class A Exchange Offer) USD924,408,000 aggregate face amount of Class A Certificates, Series 2007-1 (New Class A Certificates), registered under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended, for an equal face amount of outstanding Class A Certificates, Series 2007-1 (Old Class A Certificates), which were privately placed on 11 October 2007, has been extended by Delta Air Lines Inc (NYSE:DAL).
AFTER YEARS OF WRANGLING OVER a solution for small face amount policies that would balance the interests of consumers and companies, a consensus product was presented and advanced at a meeting of regulators here.
When the insured dies, the difference between the current cash surrender value and the policy's face amount is recognized as a gain.