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the value of a security that is set by the company issuing it

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the apparent worth as opposed to the real worth

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Considering that cash surrender values average just 4% of policy face amounts, the decision to recommend a life settlement is an easy one for CPAs advising employers or clients unaware of the potential economic gain from these hidden assets.
After concluding that the shareholder has a basis in his note equal to its face amount, the Ninth Circuit turned to the Tax Court's decision that the note was not a genuine indebtedness.
The IRS was concerned about the difficulties of verifying such an amount, and believes that the face amount determined under these regulations does not overstate value.
As an inducement to make the loan, and as consideration for making it, Z, a corporation that was planning to purchase the R&D work, agreed to buy the nonrecourse notes from the financial institution for their face amount plus interest.
In addition, Vaso Active has agreed to pay to plaintiffs' counsel for the Massachusetts and Delaware derivative actions a total of $25,000 in cash and $110,000 face amount of 2-year 5% subordinated callable notes convertible at a conversion price of $1.
Holders of $200,000,000 face amount of Envirodyne's old 14% Senior Subordinated Debentures received a pro rata share of 12,118,602 shares of common stock representing approximately 90% of the primary equity of Envirodyne.
This year, Paul decides that he would like to have the corporation pay him the face amount of the note, $60,000, and he asks his tax adviser for advice.
Star will utilize the $50 million in new equity financing, together with additional funds from operations, to repurchase at least $60 million in face amount of its senior notes and, at the Partnership's option, up to approximately $73.
Limra reported that new annualized premiums increased by 16%, face amount sold by 27%, and the number of policies sold by 4% compared with the same period in 1999.
If accounts receivable have a face amount and an FMV of $100,000, an allocation based on relative FMVs will allocate a tax basis of $63,492 to the accounts receivable.
Under the terms of the Class Action Agreement, Vaso Active, disclaiming any liability, within 10 business days of preliminary approval of the settlement by the Court, will pay into escrow for the benefit of the putative class $1,100,000 in cash and $750,000 face amount of 2-year 5% subordinated callable notes convertible at $1.
Pursuant to the terms of the agreement in principle, current UAL stockholders would receive the remainder of the common stock (as to which no assurance can be given of trading value following completion of the transaction) and $88 per share in face amount of cash, debt and preferred stock.
In 1998, the Company purchased fourteen life insurance policies with a total face amount of $160 million as a funding mechanism to support the Founders' Shares Redemption Program that was entered into the same year.