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the value of a security that is set by the company issuing it

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the apparent worth as opposed to the real worth

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Next, USD512,038,000 aggregate face amount of class B Pass Through certificates, Series 2013-2 for an equivalent aggregate face amount of outstanding class B Pass Through certificates, Series 2013-2, which were privately placed on Nov.
When an individual or business engages in a life settlement transaction, the amount it recoups is based on the policy's face amount and cash surrender value as well as other factors, such as the insured's health, age and the current policy premium.
Delta has not extended the offer to exchange USD265,366,000 aggregate face amount of Class B Certificates, Series 2007-1 or USD220,103,000 aggregate face amount of Class C Certificates, Series 2007-1, also registered under the US Securities Act.
For example, a 35-year-old male can purchase a 10-year TrueTerm policy with a $250,000 face amount at best rate available for approximately $13 per month(1).
He recently addressed one of the challenges of selling LifeFund, which carries a premium about 30% more than the same face amount for a traditional permanent life insurance policy.
Phoenix wants to make permanent life insurance easier to sell and easier to buy through a simplified VUL product with a high a face amount," said Phil Polkinghorn, executive vice president, Life and Annuity.
NEW ORLEANS -- Regulators adopted a statement for exposure that would warn buyers of insurance policies with small face amounts that they may pay more in premiums than they will receive in death benefits.
The best risk class for qualifying consumers is now offered at lower face amounts.
Regulators for many years have wrestled with issues relating to the consumer value of life insurance policies with small face amounts.
This product is a good option for those wanting the most affordable cash value life insurance protection at higher ages and face amounts without the risk of underwriting for re-entry," commented West.
For the most part, attention has been focused on policies with face amounts no greater than $5,000, although there is no firm definition of what size policy constitutes a "small" policy.
These enhancements--which include price reductions of up to 20% on Manulife's most popular term products, Manulife 10 and Manulife 20(1)--complement Manulife USA's large policy face amounts, skilled underwriting, and other value-added features to result in a term life insurance product line that is even more competitive in the marketplace.
For producers, this design helps focus the prospect n need and eliminates objections regarding high face amounts, the company said.
The Warehouse Facility and the Securitization 99-1 loans had original face amounts of $35.