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a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factual

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Since 1997 he has written, directed, choreographed and co-produced seven productions for Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre, including The Flowerbed, a radical re-working of Giselle, and most recently The Bull.
A few calls to people who know people who know people who have the very serious amount of money and the passion to own such a rare and fabulous beast revealed the lair of the Zonda.
It's like a John Chamberlain version of the fabulous beast.
THE ground breaking and Olivier Award-nominated Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre has been described as one of the most daring and highly original dance theatre companies in the world.
Birmingham Rep hosts the Canadian circus company Les 7 Doigts de la Main's new show Sequence 8, and Irish company Fabulous Beast perform its version of The Rite of Spring & Petrushka at Warwick Arts Centre.
THE fabulously named Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre is not only making its first appearance in the region this weekend but is also giving us the UK premiere of a new show.
Michael Keegan Dolan founded Ireland's Fabulous Beast Theatre and his Giselle was featured in the prestigious Barbican International Theatre Event season (BITE:05).
There are some nice touches from Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre especially from Lorena Randi and Vladislav Soltys as the couple eager to have a baby and Daphne Stuthmann and Michael Dolan as the dancing politicians, but everything seems to fall apart when the piece takes a nasty turn.
Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre presents a story of accidental heroism, hero worship, love and betrayal.
He exploited well the roaring potential of this fabulous beast, but also responded fluently and lyrically to the more introspective passages of the music.
THERE'S strong language and nudity as Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre bring their latest work James Son of James to Coventry.
This offer also applies to the 2 for 1 offer on first night of Fabulous Beast, meaning you and a friend can see the show for just pounds 6 each.
I'ma fabulous beast and as such,I should only be glimpsed very rarely -Marianne Faithfull.
Children aged seven to 13 have to draw a fabulous beast, while anyone over 14 can win tickets by filling in a quiz sheet.