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Synonyms for fabulous

Synonyms for fabulous

Synonyms for fabulous

extremely pleasing


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based on or told of in traditional stories

barely credible

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We in turn greedily consumed these runway emissions through our glamour organs, kept in a state of low-grade stimulation as they are by total sites of fabulosity as seen in magazines and on TV.
triumphant, as if granted a special sign by gods of fabulosity through his personal sighting, right in midtown, of their earthly representative, a Brand Name Super model.
Additional fun and fabulosity made possible with the generous support of the Recording Industry Association of America, BAE Systems, and the Brunswick Group.
Crammed with the work of photographer and fabulosity maven Arthur Elgort, which graces leading fashion magazines like Vogue, it should have been called "lots of candid and posed pictures I took of models and a smattering of quotes by me, assorted handlers, and the girls, stretched thin, zapping the viewer with impossibly gorgeous people and assertive graphics.
The book is sandwiched with spreads on the Coke and Pepsi of fabulosity, opening with Linda and closing with Christy, who (by the way) got the cover.
In her smash-hit one-woman show, I was awed by her chutzpah as she "entered the fantasy," talking black, acting straight, totally possessed by the recombinant fabulosity of Diana Ross, Nina Simone, and others in front of a black backup band.
The Company is the licensee for footwear, handbags and belts for Fabulosity and Olsenboye, for footwear for Elizabeth and James and l.
The Company is the licensee for footwear, handbags and belts for Olsenboye and Fabulosity, for footwear for Elizabeth and James and l.
I laugh wildly at some bit of fabulosity known only to myself.
As my grueling quest for fabulosity staggers on well past my early twentysomething period, becoming increasingly graceless and impatient, I can leave no stone unturned.
The Top 9 Drag Queens In The USA Bring The Drama, Outrageousness And Sheer Fabulosity As They Battle It Out To Become The Next RuPaul
Furthermore, customers will have the option of choosing a wake-up call on Black Friday from one of JCPenney's partners including Cindy Crawford (style expert for JCPenney's Cindy Crawford Style brand), Kimora Lee Simmons (designer for JCPenney's Fabulosity brand) or Rascal Flatts band members Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney (whose "Rascal Flatts American Living Unstoppable Tour" presented by JCPenney promotes American Living, Polo Ralph Lauren's Global Brand Concepts brand, exclusive to JCPenney).
The Company is the licensee for footwear, handbags and belts for Fabulosity and for handbags and belts for Betsey Johnson, Daisy Fuentes, and Tracy Reese.
a leading designer and marketer of fashion footwear and accessories for women, men and children, for the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a collection of footwear and accessories for the Fabulosity brand.