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genus of South and Central American heathlike evergreen shrubs

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A thrilling women's pole vault contest featuring Cuba's Yarisley Silva, Brazil's Fabiana Murer and Greece's Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou kept the crowd engrossed all evening in the gaps between the other events.
Pushed all the way by Brazil's Fabiana Murer and Greece's Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou, the London Olympic silver medalist won gold with her third attempt at the winning height before failing three times at 5.
Brazil's Fabiana Murer grabbed silver while American Jenn Suhr, a favorite at next month's world championships, took bronze.
Ecclestone, who was accompanied yesterday by his wife, Fabiana Flosi, 37, made no comment as he left court.
Judas, distraught and depressed, has been condemned to hell for his actions, but his lawyer, named Fabiana Aziza Cunningham, is seeking to get him forgiven and released on the grounds that he was the victim of forces greater than himself.
Luiz Sennes, MD; Henry Koishi, MD; Rafael Cahali, MD; Fabiana Sperandio, MD; Ossamu Butugan, MD
They were first published in 1942 by Martin Fabiana.
Fabiana Carvalho, from the Cavern Club Brazil, said: 'The way we were all treated was ridiculous and very upsetting.
3 singles player Fabiana Olivares defeated Vy Lee 7-5 to clinch the nonleague victory for host Hoover of Glendale in a match at Fremont Park in Glendale.
All of the music publishers from Turin are described by Mario dell-Ara, for instance; most of those from Bologna are done by Michele Catarinella; from Trieste by Fabiana Licciadi; from Venice by Maria Loris Girardi; from Sicily by Consuela Giglio.
But he, Kurtz, is also director of the Parkin Institute for Psychiatric Research, with a Canadian past and fillable hollows: love of Fabiana, traumatic relations with father.
FRIENDLY WELCOME: Reds fans John Mackin (left) and Andrew Baker with Italian Santa girl Fabiana Renzaglia, preparing for the big match tonight
Wardell and co-investigator Fabiana Ahumada-Segura tested nearly 1,000 different combinations of amino acids--the building blocks of proteins--before selecting the best formulation, giving it the MegaBee moniker, and getting it to market in 2007.