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an association of British socialists who advocate gradual reforms within the law leading to democratic socialism

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Commission on Future Spending Choices (2013) 2030 Vision, London, Fabian Society.
Ed Balls speaking at the Fabian Society conference yesterday
The Fabian Society, who commissioned the poll, claimed the result showed the SNP had "blown it" in the independence contest.
In a major speech to the Fabian Society in London, Mr Balls set out what he sees as the "economic alternative" to the coalition - which included an acknowledgement that cuts were necessary, and that Labour should have been clearer on its policies in that regard in the 2010 general election.
He told the Fabian Society conference Lib Dem MPs uneasy with the coalition should join in voting against the abolition of education maintenance allowance in the House of Commons on Wednesday.
He was duly elected a member of the Fabian Society on 5 April 1895, (14) an event reported to Achurch (who was still in New York) by Shaw who took the opportunity to lecture her on Charrington's character.
and so the activities that he engaged in to further the democratic socialist ideals of the Fabian Society were often a bit different than those of his comrades, and sometimes even considered a little suspect by the more conventional Marxist-Leninists in the crowd.
This C-word has had the Fabian Society, an exclusive set of left-wing academics, in full cry this week as they tell us that the word 'chav' - soon to be declared as one of the "words of the century" and included in the Oxford English Dictionary - is a weapon of class hatred.
Tom Hampson of the left-wing Fabian Society reckons the derogatory term is "deeply offensive, sneering and dangerous, and shouldn't be acceptable".
The inaugural press awards were organised in conjunction with the Fabian Society to recognise good journalism in the fields of employment and skills.
Reported annual pay packages of more than pounds 6 million for some players, such as England and Chelsea defender John Terry, are more than 100 times what they should be, according to the YouGov study for thinktank the Fabian Society.
The move comes in reaction to a fringe meeting at this weeks TUC in Brighton hosted by the Fabian Society in which Connect criticises the trade union's approach to offshoring.
Sidney Webb and the Fabian Society of London conceived them.
Should this be the response to Race Matthews' eulogy in Arena Magazine of the Fabian Society as the epitome of diversity and political abstentionism, virtually a new anarchist grouping?
A Report, drafted by George Bernard Shaw, for example, announced that the Fabian Society u nderstands "democracy .