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Russian goldsmith noted for creating a series of jeweled and enameled Easter eggs for European royalty (1846-1920)

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Faberge will be producing 68 Bestie eggs selling at pounds 10,000 each.
On the rare occasions when a Faberge egg reaches the auction room nowadays, it is likely to carry an estimated selling price of pounds 1 million or more.
Last night Jinky spoke of his pride and astonishment at the gesture from Sarah Faberge, the heiress of the legendary dynasty, saying: 'This is almost as good as winning the European Cup.
Liwanag believes in the importance of teamwork not just within Lever Faberge, but also with customers.
Faberge felt the artistic creativity and fine craftsmanship which went into it made it art that transcended its bullion value.
Lever Faberge was formed at the beginning of this year when Lever Brothers and Unilever's other subsidiary, Elida Faberge, merged.
Retail sales of Faberge products, including jewelry and eyewear, are currently $45 million worldwide.
Nothing epitomizes the grandeur of Russian luxury like its spectacular palaces, decorative arts, and, especially, Faberge eggs," says John Stoll, vice president of land programs.
A curator from the Royal Collection examines a miniature tea set measuring 1cm in height, made by Russian jeweller and goldsmith Peter Carl Faberge, which was originally owned by Queen Alexandra, part of the new Faberge exhibition at Buckingham Palace, London, opening on Saturday, July 23.
His 1968 European Cup winner's medal is expected to fetch up to pounds 120,000 and a rare Faberge egg he was given after the game could go for pounds 20,000.
A SET of jewel-encrusted Faberge eggs to mark the diamond anniversary of the Queen and the Prince Philip has sold out - at pounds 29,950 a time.
The Faberge eggs began in 1884, with an Easter egg made for the Czar that became a gift for his wife, Czarina Maria.
The sledgehammer- toting thieves made off with two rare Faberge eggs and other jewellery after the raid on Clive Ranger, High Street, Cardiff, at around 11am.
And some of the cash for the new wing will be raised thanks to help from elite jewellers Faberge.