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The report investigates technologies to enhance the efficacy of antibodies or to make them safer drugs and specifically analyzes five key antibody technologies: antibody drug conjugates, Fab fragments, Fc engineering/glycoengineering, bispecific antibodies, and radioimmunotherapies.
Reaction volume, amount of the tracer molecules, and mixing efficiency were varied to test whether the smaller size of the Fab fragment compared with the mAb had an effect on assay kinetics.
After the wells were washed four times, 25 [micro]L of the calibrators (PSA calibrators from the ProStatus PSA F/T kit) or serum samples in duplicate and 100 ng of each tracer Fab fragment in 100 [micro]L of ProStatus PSA Assay Buffer were added.
According to the manufacturer, Digibind is a polyclonal mixture of antibody Fab fragments having a range of affinities, with dissociation constants (K.
Treatment includes decontamination, close cardiac monitoring, supportive care and digoxin-specific Fab fragments if it can be obtained.
Fab fragments were site-specifically biotinylated with 95 [micro]mol/L maleimide-[PEO.
Brief report: treatment of severe colchicine overdose with colchicine-specific Fab fragments.
A 1:1500 dilution of antidigoxygenin-AP Fab fragments (Roche) was then added, and the embryos were incubated overnight at 4[degrees]C and the reaction was allowed to proceed according to the kit manufacturer's instructions.
The Dower patent covers methods to display Fab fragments using phage display technology and MorphoSys received a license for the Dower patent from Biosite in January 2000.
Incubation with antigen-digoxigenin was performed for 1 hr at 37[degrees]C, and after washing, 100 [micro]L/well peroxidase-conjugated sheep anti-digoxigenin Fab fragments (Boehringer) diluted 1:3,000 in PBS/BSA-Tween 20 was added.
LambdaFabSelect enables bioprocess engineers to use BAC's ligand technology to produce Fab fragments with a lambda light chain for clinical and commercial use.
To prove the validity of the technology, a new trivalent, bispecific protein, TF2, comprising three stably linked Fab fragments, was generated from two of Immunomedics' humanized antibodies, hMN-14, which binds specifically to carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and h679, which recognizes the peptide-hapten, histamine-succinyl-glycine (HSG).
mutation of the complementarity-determining regions of scFv or Fab fragments.
Digoxin measurements following plasma ultrafiltration in two patients with digoxin toxicity treated with specific Fab fragments.
It is directed at the use of polyclonal immunoglobulin Fab fragments in three distInct circumstances, Including their general use in medicine.