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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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UK holidaymakers can now forget about FX rates, avoid hidden card charges and currency buy-back fees and spend in any local currency knowing the precise cost in pounds, thanks to 'Seasons', an innovative Visa prepaid debit travel card, digital account and mobile app, launched today by prominent European e-Money institution, Contis Group.
Table 30 Japan Pricing and FX Rate, Tarceva Annual Cost, Currency Conversion Rates 2011-2014
Since many MNEs now have the majority of their activity outside their home country, analysts and other users need to understand both the complexity and potential effects on performance evaluation and reported results that daily FX rate fluctuations cause when accounting records are kept in multiple currencies.
DAVOS, Jan 27, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish Deputy Premier and State Minister for economy Ali Babacan has ruled out any government intervention to FX rates in Turkey, making clear that the government was determined to stick to floating currency regime.
The consensus view is for a 25bps cut, while we believe that the current level of FX rates may necessitate bolder action and hence anticipate a 50bps cut.
Cross-border capital flow data is updated daily, as are FX rates and other market data.
We're pleased to see Reuters taking advantage of its vast desktop franchise to serve FX markets with Danske's FX rates in this way.
Whilst indicative FX rates have been available for many years, financial market professionals have suffered from lack of access to the core dealing rates, unless participating directly in that market.
Deutsche Bank's FX platform, Autobahn FX, uses Nirvana from my-Channels to deliver streaming FX rates and data to a large and wide spread community of clients connected via the Internet.
The phased implementation is slated to begin in January 2002, for nine Magnet products: money transfer, FX rates, book transfer, ACH (Automated Clearing House), stop payment, e-commerce platform, electronic report delivery, system mail and control disbursements.
With the incorporation of Bear Stearns' electronic trading experience and Bloomberg's programming resources, the system will allow companies to obtain competitive FX rates electronically, making the Bloomberg service a single source of FX news, analytics and electronic trading.
Magnet's iBank-FX, one of over 14 iBank Suite application modules, provides bank customers with the ability to request FX rates on a real-time basis and execute spot, forward, and window contracts based on rate tiers maintained by the bank.