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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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21 billion people across the globe at Real Time FX Rates, and transparent fees as low as 0.
Here is how this would work with a contract with a license fee of $100,000: The Russian buyer would "peg" the FX rate at 35 rubles per dollar.
Even though low oil prices have shaken Russia's economy, the Russian central bank is not restrained by perceived necessity to support the rouble's FX rate, while the nation's fiscal performance is rather sound, with budget deficit planned at 3% GDP level in 2016, and governmental indebtedness negligibly low, at $143.
This model would consider equity return as dependent variable and multiple independent variables, including FX rate as one of the independent variables.
9b in 2012 helped by 30% rise of non-gem quality diamonds and favorable FX rate dynamics.
Even trading the liquid RUB line, it has been difficult to really assess a fair FX rate given intra-day movements and is all too easy for a broker to justify a rate with 10bps slippage, depending on when/how the FX was done.
Joseph and Vezos (2006) on their study on the understanding of stock returns to exchange rates in US banks and found strong deviation in FX rate sensitivity by financial division of banks.
Identifying and planning for FX rate effects has become more significant with the increased volatility during the last three years.
FX rate swaps are one of the most commonly traded instruments and involve two transactions, one at initiation where one currency is purchased at the current spot rate and a second where the initial transaction is reversed at a specified future date at an agreed exchange rate.
Citibank Korea (NYSE: C) has announced that it has implemented a plan called the 'Citi Card Overseas Travel' event for winter travellers, which is a preferential FX rate promotion and air ticket discount event for the bank's credit card customers.
Unfortunately, FX rate changes cannot always be anticipated and hedging has risks and costs.
For example, sales in Sterling (GBP) for 2004 might have been budgeted against an internal Fx rate of USD 1.
FX rate hikes, for example, will pay off the $800,000 an episode the web paid for "NYPD Blue" reruns.
Thus, when the yen FX rate changes, the firm's profits and cashflows fluctuate.
While sterling's FX rate has already declined to its current $1.