file transfer protocol

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protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

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The FTP site will be available for media to download broadcast quality video and print quality photography of Clemson and Nebraska players and game week events beginning Friday, December 26, 2008 to Thursday, January 1, 2009.
Most FTP sites do not require that users have accounts.
It's simple to do, but your IT manager or ISP will know how to set the correct permissions for the OS where the FTP site will reside--often Unix instead of Windows.
The free Firmware upgrade adds the ability to upload images to an FTP site, while the free IPView Software Version 2.
Download this media release along with high-resolution graphic at your convenience from the Sealevel ftp site at ftp://ftp.
A set of three advanced tools, WS_FTP Utility Pack lets users quickly update Web sites, automate file transfer and search for files on an FTP site.
If you don't know the name of the FTP site you're looking for, you can use a searching tool called Archie.
The developer pages contain comprehensive information on the company's developer support programs, complete listings of Apple's Developer University courses, online tutorials, articles from Apple Directions, the Developer Business Report, Macintosh technical notes, pointers and directories of the developer ftp site, and Develop, the Apple Technical Journal.
This press release and high-resolution graphic can be downloaded from the Sealevel ftp site at ftp://ftp.