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protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

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Bloom, Vice President of FastComm's Mainframe Networking Division, "The ChanlComm(R) 7790's TN3270e and FTP Server features allow us to offer a complete single box solution for legacy and IP communications between remote users and the mainframe.
Using FTP servers can be very limiting, expensive, time consuming and will require system administration.
The Internet Document Server integrates World Wide Web and FTP servers with extensive NOV*IX security capabilities that provides a high performance, secure, accountable environment for Internet and Intranet users.
SAN ANTONIO -- CuteFTP Server(tm) Targets Home PC Enthusiasts Providing An Easy And Cost-Effective Way To Host Their Own FTP Server
Also, CuteFTP Mac has support for more than a dozen different host types allowing users to connect to virtually every type of FTP server on the World Wide Web.
While large companies frequently use FTP as the primary method for large file serving and reliable data transfer, standard FTP servers typically do not meet enterprise requirements for integration, security, and performance.
Using the Log Analyzer, administrators can now quickly troubleshoot and take action to ensure that the FTP servers are up and running -- making valuable information available at all times.
0's enhanced administrative features that provide greater control of their FTP servers and greater influence over how users interact with those servers.
8220;Many users of Handy Backup choose FTP servers from a great variety of available backup destinations as one of the most reliable ways of keeping their data safe.
The TZO Dynamic DNS Service allows small businesses and home offices to reduce their expenses by hosting their own Web sites, e-mail servers, FTP servers and more without having to purchase a static IP address or pay a hosting service.
2 connects to a wide variety of FTP servers, including Unix/Linux, System i (AS/400), MVS, Windows and others.
Serv-U's domain based FTP servers allow customizable domains on a single FTP server.
The Red Hat High Availability Server is ideally suited to Web servers, ftp servers, mail gateways, firewalls, VPN gateways and other front-end IP-based applications where virtually uninterrupted service is required.