file transfer protocol

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protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

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The 11 teachers that had access to both a web editor and an FTP client were much more likely than their peers who did not have access to this software to both use their course website more often as well as update it more frequently.
In addition to database encryption, FTP Manager provides a fully SSL-enabled FTP client for the secure connections between the AS/400 and any SSL Capable FTP server.
ConcordFTP is a robust and easy to use FTP client for transferring files.
Other features exclusive to Internet Neighborhood are Drive Mapping -- which allows a user's computer operating system to recognize an FTP site as a local network drive, and Save As -- which enables a user to upload files to an FTP server with the "save as" command in an application, all without opening the FTP client.
With no need to install an FTP client or open secure firewalls, Biscom Delivery Server's SSL Web interface was a quick and easy solution.
6, a Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 FTP Client that is easy to use and intuitive when used by a novice, but powerful in the hands of experienced users.
0, the most powerful and advanced FTP client available on the market today.
SAN ANTONIO -- Today GlobalSCAPE(R) (OTCBB:GSCP), a leading provider of managed file transfer software, announced the availability of CuteFTP 8, the latest version of its award-winning FTP client.
Standard CRiSP features include cut & paste, search and replace, code folding, code beautifying, file differencing, built in ftp client, source code browser, capability to edit >2GB text and binary files, dynamic tagging, syntax coloring, and much more.
Mainframe-based organizations are especially struggling with File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which when unsecured can leave organizations exposed as passwords and sensitive data travel between the FTP client and server.
Nico's Commander version 5 adds a viewer for a number of popular graphics file formats, support for a number of archive types, proxy and firewall support for its FTP client, configurable function keys, and a system tray icon to reach your Control Panel applets with one mouse click.
New Server Complements World's Most Popular FTP Client for Windows
Two of the product's 50 new features, previously only available on the Mac, are a built-in FTP server and an automated FTP client on Windows.
It includes a synchronization tool, the first to be included in an FTP client, which simplifies keeping remote sites up-to-date.