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Synonyms for FTP

protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

use the file transfer protocol to transfer data from one computer to another

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The program possesses a user-friendly FTP management interface which allows users to easily create and choose folders on the FTP server to store backups.
Invite guests via "anonymous FTP"--or clients set up with logins and pass words to your FTP site or to a particular file, such as "ftp://pre sentation.
Multiple-Pool FTP: By using multiple-pool FTP, each portfolio of products is given an FTP rate based on its maturity.
FTP Voyager Scheduler -- Allows users to create a list of files for upload, download, deletion or synchronization in any order, at any time.
FTP also produces Visual Studio, Windows Server System, Java Pro and Enterprise Architect magazines, as well as a range of related technical conferences and e-newsletters.
Burns, the FTP Software Board consists of the following: Dr.
Denard deals with several software companies and uses FTP on a daily basis.
FTP has emerged as a new security attack vector, resulting in a wave of high-profile data breaches, as well as organized criminal activity, stemming from vulnerabilities in susceptible FTP servers.
CONTACT: Cheryl Boland, Manager of Investor Relations of FTP Software, Inc.
The new FTP Server still has all the features of the original flagship product including Security, Control, Monitoring, Alert Notification and Reporting.
FTP has more than 10 years of leadership in developing and integrating business applications over TCP/IP networks.
The new upgrades in NetManage's RUMBA FTP solution provide our customers with useful features for increased efficiency and usability," said Zvi Alon, chairman, president and CEO at NetManage, Inc.
The Tumbleweed FTP Analyzer is a Java-based network sniffer application that allows organizations to capture and analyze secure vs.
Unfortunately, there are law firms that try to take advantage of small growth companies such as FTP despite having no foundation for legal action.
Two of the product's 50 new features, previously only available on the Mac, are a built-in FTP server and an automated FTP client on Windows.