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an independent agency of the United States federal government that maintains fair and free competition

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AT&T repackages the failed arguments made by regulated parties in (previous) cases: it claims company-wide protection from the FTC because it engaged in some activities performed by an exempted party," the 9th Circuit ruled.
In addition to providing letters of comment, the FTC has many advocacy tools it can use to promote competition principles in the market, including litigation.
Amazon has been sending emails to those who might have been affected, the FTC said.
If one studies the FTC comments closely, the comments are by and large supportive of the FCC's proposal and focus mainly on urging fine-tuning, clarifications and to some extent strengthening the proposal," Vladeck said.
The FTC has not disclosed what goes into its internal decision-making process for determining whether to initiate full administrative proceedings.
2) An FTC may not serve as a fiduciary for nonfamily members other than up to 35 individuals who are current or former employees of the FTC or a trust or entity that is a family member, as families utilizing FTCs often have longtime employees they wish to treat as part of the "family.
The FTC views the ad as a "reasonable consumer, meaning the typical person looking at the ad.
If Wyndham wins, it would disable the ability of the FTC to broadly enforce cybersecurity standards under the guise of consumer protection.
In October 2010, the FTC announced proposed revisions to the Green Guides1 and solicited public comments on the proposed revisions.
In its new court filing, the FTC argued the merger could still be found to be in violation of antitrust statues and that the FTC could still effectively demand changes to the structure of the deal.
The FTC ruled that when physicians cast a vote on the desired minimum price for the group, they were not simply supporting past or current prices, they were telegraphing their intentions about future prices.
There is going to be a case where the parties are going to offer a deal that the FTC rejects and a court accepts.
The IRS and Congress have closely scrutinized such arrangements because of their perceived lack of economic substance outside of generating FTCs, especially when a taxpayer claims an FTC on withholding taxes on dividend income, but holds the underlying stock on which the dividend is paid for a relatively short period.
In the report, the FTC lists several reasons for its recommendation that senders of spam nor be required to include specific characters, such as "ADV" in the subject line of e-mail.