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a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds

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Moreover, the FSAN Group is now focusing its studies on a future generation of access equipment named NG-PON2.
The Tokyo meeting allowed FSAN to take the first steps toward XG-PON1 interoperability and to define Operator requirements for longer term generations of fiber access systems that can offer services in the Gbps per user range.
The FSAN Tokyo 2011 is a milestone of next generation optical access networks and services.
I also believe that full XG-PON1 interoperability in a multi-vendor context will be achieved quickly, thanks to the experience gained by FSAN in the 12 GPON Interoperability Test Events held to date," said Paolo Solina of Telecom Italia, Chair of the FSAN Optical Access Network Working Group.
Founded in 1995 by seven leading global network operators, FSAN is an influential forum to initiate and accelerate the A-PON, B-PON, and G-PON deployment specifications.
In addition, FSAN members will address multiple issues for continued interoperability testing among carriers and system vendors and attend a presentation by Martin Nuss, Vitesse's vice president of technology and strategy.
With the deployment of worldwide passive optical networks dramatically escalating, FSAN has been instrumental in driving standards collaboration among industry-leading service providers committed to meeting the 3D IPTV and Ultra HD TV, video on demand, VoIP, online gaming, and ultra-broadband Internet access market demands of tomorrow," said Paolo Solina of Telecom Italia, Chair of the FSAN Optical Access Network Working Group.