Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

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At the insistence of the journalists to specify when this mutual recognition would take place, Gligorov said that he expected "an agreement for Bosnia and Herzegovina to be signed by the end of this month, meanwhile, the competent organs of Macedonia and FR Yugoslavia would take the necessary measures so as to enable this to take place some time next month.
The President of the Republic told reporters that he and Milosevich agreed that "following the lifting of the UN sanctions against FR Yugoslavia, conditions for the development of normal economic relations would be created, as well as cooperation between the two countries and broader in the region, which would improve the present economic cooperation between the Balkan countries considerably.
Given the ambiguous system of property rights in Yugoslavia, most successor states, as well as Montenegro within FR Yugoslavia, decided first to eliminate social property by re-nationalisation before proceeding with privatisation.
A second distribution center will open in Belgrade, FR Yugoslavia later this year.
Such was the support during the NATO campaign against FR Yugoslavia when it was not easy to Macedonia and Macedonians to provide the military operations with logistics.