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Synonyms for immunoassay

identification of a substance (especially a protein) by its action as an antigen

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Effect of Ginseng Supplementation to Digoxin Pools on Serum Digoxin Measurement by Immunoassays Digoxin Concentration, Mean (SD), mg/mL * Specimen and Type of Ginseng FPIA ECLIA-Digoxin Digoxin pool 1 2.
The effects of adulterating agents on FPIA analysis of urine for drugs of abuse, Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 17:14-17.
It does mention that it "provided additional support to the successful campaign to legalize abortion" in Nepal, that FPIA launched 10 new (unspecified) FPIA projects in the Sudan and Nigeria, and that it provided assistance to 23 NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in Latin America and the Caribbean for "sexual health services.
This variable interference further limits the utility of FPIA after [CPDG.
5]; MBHFBA, N-methyl-bis(heptafluorobutyramide); FPIA, fluorescence polarization immunoassay; DAD, photodiode array detection; HP, Hewlett-Packard; SIM, single-ion monitoring; and HFBA, heptafluorobutyramide.
Stabilizing blood with 3-deazaadenosine interferes in the Abbott FPIA assay for plasma homocyst(e)ine.
For example, the popular Abbott TDx FPIA gave high results for phenytoin but low results for carbamazepine and valproate.
During the next two years, we expect that R&D expenses will increase as a percentage of sales, as we develop new FPIA assays and associated automated laboratory instruments.
Adenosine analogs, such as 3-deazaadenosine, are effective but not compatible with assays based on S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase, including the FPIA (47).
Research and development expenditures continued to increase, as efforts toward commercialization of the company's FPIA technology move forward.
Carter, president and CEO said, "Work on our FPIA technology is going well and is on-track with our expectations for market introduction in 1995.