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Synonyms for immunoassay

identification of a substance (especially a protein) by its action as an antigen

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The FPIA method and the two remaining HPLC methods (HPLC with fluorescence detection using either TCEP or TBP as a reducing agent and SBD-F as a labeling agent) showed no deviation compared with results of the GC-MS method.
2] administration, MTX concentrations measured by FPIA were comparable to those obtained by LC-MS/MS (Fig.
However, in Primavette samples Hcy obtained by FPIA was approximately 11% higher than Hcy obtained by HPLC.
Amphetamines, THC, BEG, Assay [micro]g/L [micro]g/L [micro]g/L Syva Emit 700 (a) 35 (a) 60 (a) Beckman EIA 250 (b) 14 (b) 36 (b) Abbott FPIA 250 (a) 14 (b) 72 (a) SAMHSA cutoff 1000 50 300 Opiates, PCP, Assay [micro]g/L [micro]g/L Syva Emit 76 (b) 5 (b) Beckman EIA 76 (b) 5 (b) Abbott FPIA 76 (b) 10 (a) SAMHSA cutoff 2000 25 (a) Cutoff derived from point at which total CV exceeds 20%.
Sodium bicarbonate caused false positive with the EMIT opiate assay and PCP assay by FPIA.
Adenosine analogs, such as 3-deazaadenosine, are effective but not compatible with assays based on S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase, including the FPIA (47).
For example, the popular Abbott TDx FPIA gave high results for phenytoin but low results for carbamazepine and valproate.
Stabilizing blood with 3-deazaadenosine interferes in the Abbott FPIA assay for plasma homocyst(e)ine.
Negative results for all urine samples were obtained with the Abbott FPIA, whereas the Mahsan-AM[P.
In surveys 2 and 3, tHcy was measured by the FPIA method 7 of 23 and 6 of 17 times, respectively.