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a type of video display that is thin and flat

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The Office of Secretary of Defense subsequently sponsored the FPD Program based on the findings of the Commission.
The Infinix CC-i FPD is uniquely designed to meet the select needs of clinicians conducting complex cardiac imaging procedures.
Despite the high domestic volumes and opportunities for exports, the possibility of introducing FPD TV manufacturing in India is a distant dream.
The import-heavy nature of the FPD TV market has resulted in it being vulnerable to volatile currency conditions.
Bai noted that the procurement delegation will procure 30 million FPDs, worth US$5.
The FPD Components and Material Expo will feature panel assembly systems, plate processing equipment, a PDP booth, an OELD booth, a clean/ESD protection both, a test/repair/measurement Zone, a parts and materials zone, a driver IC booth, a backlight booth and many other exhibitions.
James Leslie, Associate Director, FPD Savills Solihull; The Mayor of Solihull Councillor Sheila Pittaway and William Donger, Regional Director FPD Savills
1-inch FPD that weighs 12 pounds with the desktop stand.
Future development of the overall economy, industry supply and market demand has also been taken into consideration to complete the forecasts for different small- and medium-sized FPD panel applications and technologies.
5-generation FPD plant in Kunshan, for which the ministry has asked it to supply more supplementary documents.
SEMI has a longstanding history in the FPD industry, and many members of the global association support FPD panel makers due to the common processes between manufacturing semiconductors and manufacturing FPDs.
The forum part of the event features "FPD Summit," the world's only meeting where managers from panel manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea gather to present on the FPD market trends.
Amorphous silicon (a-si) TFT-LCDs continue to be the largest segment in all FPD technologies, DisplaySearch said.
In order to upgrade the global competitiveness of the local FPD industry, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) under MOEA in 2006 began executing a plan to double the island's FPD-equipment self-content rate to help build panel supplier-centered supply chains in Taiwan.
The Hospital agreed to recognize the FPD following an official card count certified by Ms.