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Expression of CD117 and FOXP3 is illustrated in Figure 2, and the comparisons of CD117 and FOXP3 scores for control, resolved, and unresolved groups are shown in Figures 3 and 4 respectively.
The immune dysregulation, polyendocrinopathy, enteropathy, X-linked syndrome (IPEX) is caused by mutations of FOXP3.
In young males, an X-linked severe form of the disorder is associated with immune dysregulation and polyendocrinopathy due to a germ line mutation in the FOXP3 gene located on the X chromosome.
In addition, mutations in other genes (IPF1, PTF1A, FOXP3, GLIS3, TCF2, EIF2AK3) may also lead to multi-system diseases including neonatal diabetes (1-3,5,10).
The proportion of FOXP3 (+) CD4 (+) T(regs) increased in the blood of the elderly and the lymphoid tissues of aged mice.
FOXP3 expressing CD127lo CD4+ T cells inversely correlate with CD38+ CD8+ T cell activation levels in primary HIV-1 infection.
In both studies, they found that treatment with retinoic acid reduced the inflammation in the colon by increasing the xpression of FOXP3, a gene involved with immune system responses, as well as decreasing the expression of IL-17, a cytokine believed to cause inflammation.
5) demonstrated that urine concentrations of FOXP3 mRNA, a member of the forkhead family of cell differentiation genes and a lineage-specific transcript for graft-protecting regulatory T cells, can predict reversal of acute renal allograft rejection with 90% sensitivity and 73% specificity.
Children living in more highly polluted communities had changes in DNA methylation of FOXP3 (Nadeau et al.